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Make it portable/flash drive compatible

This is a great giveaway, but it would be much better if it were USB compatible because that way it could be taken along on business trip and etc.

Paco , 11.06.2011, 07:59
Response from the site administrator
Goldgingko, 11.06.2011
Thanks. We will release the .ZIP (Portable for USB) version soon.
Idea status: under consideration


Tom Jones, 11.06.2011, 09:32
Concur -- either make it portable (or better still, embeddable in powerpoint!) or allow multi-computer (concurrent use) license
I regularly run training courses and about 1/2 the time am using clients machines, with my own laptops (different OSes) the rest of the time, so portability would be ideal
J. T., 11.06.2011, 10:47
Why would you want it embeddable in powerpoint? As it is now if can run independent of any program... that is how it should be. Why tie it to powerpoint...
Tom Jones, 11.06.2011, 16:31
To clarify, allow the app to be embedded with a powerpoint file so nothing needs to be installed to use it if you are presenting on a different machine

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