Presentation Pointer

In presentations it's all about to grab and to focus the attention. Presentation Pointer makes it easy for your audience to follow your actions on the screen. It adds cursor highlighting abilities and more visual and audible mouse click effects. It also displays your keystrokes in an overlay at the bottom of the screen and allows you to draw freely on the screen but not lock the screen, so you can draw on a video as it was playing. Presentation Pointer is an essential tool for everyone doing demos at tradeshows, presentations and trainings.
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Make shure it is NOT a Keylogger!

Response from the site administrator
Goldgingko, 11.06.2011
We guarantee It is not a keylogger, and does not track what you are typing,
dp331, 11.06.2011, 07:49
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Make it portable/flash drive compatible

This is a great giveaway, but it would be much better if it were USB compatible because that way it could be taken along on business trip and etc.
Response from the site administrator
Goldgingko, 11.06.2011
Thanks. We will release the .ZIP (Portable for USB) version soon.
Paco, 11.06.2011, 07:59
22 votes Vote

know why no serial in every free software ?

deafjohn, 11.06.2011, 08:35
15 votes Vote

Add the option of a rectangular highlight area.

tom in IL, 11.06.2011, 11:50
14 votes Vote

List requirements on your webpage: what OS, what programs it works with

Col. Panek, 11.06.2011, 14:00
14 votes Vote

1) Make the default spotlight radius bigger. 2) Regarding opacity and colour: Don't make the default picture that dark, and make it easier to see what is darkened. 3) A rectangular or oval highlight function would have been nice.

Dlira, 11.06.2011, 11:58
10 votes Vote

It did not seem to register. Only a 30 day free trial. Did I miss something?

Allen Maddox, 11.06.2011, 13:42
1 comment
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Have more options for eye catching pointer. Or ability to use my own.

Jeremy, 11.06.2011, 14:54
5 votes Vote

get a notification (bubble popup, or temporary on screen msg?) when I toggle on or off one of the tools.

J. T., 11.06.2011, 10:58
4 votes Vote

Make the spotlight shape configurable (e.g., horizontal/vertical curtains of 'marker' product)

mediaman, 11.06.2011, 21:00
3 votes Vote

Add Rectangles, Circles, Text to Live Draw on screen

Hubert Meier, 11.06.2011, 20:17
3 votes Vote

It would help me greatly if the Keystroke section could have the ability to show the string of characters being typed as well as combination characters, and single keys such as the “right arrow” should show the symbol instead of the word 'right'. Nic

Ray, 11.06.2011, 17:37
3 votes Vote

See a non dim window available with a mouse shape on the desktop to show mouse clicks.

I like how it shows the keystrokes to make it more understandable for tutorials.Linux has had one like this but this is the first i have seen in windows.Great idea.But i would like to see it more compact in its own window with a mouse shape and...
Rod, 11.06.2011, 15:40
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Setup doesn't work right in Vista. Doesn't ask for Admin password, so doesn't install. Activate asks for Admin password, but setup doesn't. I couldn't install. looked like it might be a good proogram, too' Too bad!

Ric Denton, 12.06.2011, 06:52